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New Home Construction in Fort Collins

What if you could design your dream home before it’s built? Often, home remodelers have to work within existing houses. We have to find a design that not only suits your tastes, but also fits in your current structure. But when we work on new construction remodeling projects, we have much more leeway. We work with you and your contractors to help design your home’s interiors before the project is finished.

By calling the Fort Collins Remodel Pros for your new construction, you influence your home’s design right from the start. Our experts will walk you through the whole process, helping you choose which features are best for your budget and style. We’ve helped design many new construction homes, always leaving the owners with their dream house.

We love walking our clients through the new home remodeling process. Instead of looking at house after house, looking for the one that has all your desired features, you can just build your perfect house. We’ve noticed that when our clients have more control over the design and construction process, they have a deep appreciation for their new home.

Fort Collins Home Renovation

Personalized New Home Remodeling Services

Our process is simple. We dedicate team members to each project we work on and they will be your main contacts throughout your remodel. Pre-construction, you’ll work with our interior designer, who will help you manage your budget and keep track of all orders and shipments for your redesign. We’ll also assign you a project manager who will oversee all the operations, ensuring the crew stays on schedule.

For most home remodels, we have to work while you’re living in your house. In these situations, we maintain the utmost respect for you, your family, and your privacy, causing as few disruptions as possible.

For a new home remodel, however, you aren’t living in your house yet. This allows us to complete our work quickly and without interrupting your daily life. Of course, while we’re working on your new home, we encourage you to stop by as often as possible to see how progress is coming along. We also want you to give feedback and ask questions, so we can ensure we’re completing the remodel to your specifications.

Fort Collins House Renovation

Why Hire a Remodeling Company for a New Construction?

Without professional remodelers, your home won’t reach its fullest potential. We’re more than contractors, we’re also designers. We’ll take your new home from pre-construction and planning through to finished, furnished, and move-in ready. The process is streamlined, and we stick to your budget. We’re not here to just finish the job, either. We want to see each of our clients in their perfect house, so we put passion and dedication into each project. That kind of commitment makes all the difference.

The Fort Collins Remodel Pros

If you’re building a new home and considering hiring a remodeler and designer, give the Fort Collins Remodel Pros a call. We’d be happy to talk about your options with you.

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