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Considering a home renovation project and feeling a bit overwhelmed? How do you find a trustworthy contractor and how do you get started? We’ll handle your Fort Collins renovation from start to finish, doing the work in-house.

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How To Find a Trusted Home Renovation Company

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your home remodeling project is finding a reliable contractor. Redoing an entire house is a big undertaking, and you want to ensure you have the right company at the helm.

Start your search for a contractor by reading verified reviews, then schedule in-person interviews. Online reviews are helpful, but they’re no substitute for speaking about your specific project face-to-face. When you meet with contractors, don’t be afraid to ask for references and a formal bid on the project. We always offer our clients a free quote on our services. Vet your potential home remodeling company by asking to see their license and running a background check through the Better Business Bureau. When you’re ready to hire the contractor, ask about acquiring the proper permits and drawing up a formal contract for the work.

With these simple tips, you can find a reliable home renovation company that will get the job done right.

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Our Expert Home Renovation Tips

We offer four of our best tips for Fort Collins homeowners considering a renovation project.

  • Don’t Jump in Too Soon – You’re excited about remodeling your home and can’t wait to get started. But a common mistake we see is rushing into your renovation project, starting before you’re ready. Make a plan first, by thinking carefully about what you want and speaking with professionals who will help you get the job done.
  • Ask a Lot of Questions – Once your home renovation gets underway, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor, designer, or home remodeling company questions. If there’s something you don’t understand or you have concerns, always speak up! The more feedback you give to your contractor, the more satisfied you’ll be with your finished product.
  • Stick to One Area at a Time – Another common home remodeling mistake is trying to tackle too much at once. It’s tempting to make small adjustments here and there, throughout the whole house. But multitasking this way will only prolong your renovation and create more work for your remodeling company.
  • Be Ready to Adapt – Home renovations rarely go according to plan for their duration. Problems may come up, timelines might get shifted, so you should expect to be flexible during your project. We aim to make our home renovations as smooth and efficient as possible, readying ourselves for the unexpected so our clients don’t have to.

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Is Home Remodeling Worth It?

Home renovation is an investment. If you choose the right contractor and the project gets done according to your needs and preferences, then a home remodel is definitely worth it.

If you’re considering updating your home, give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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